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Outernet, Lantern & Pillar

Outernet – Humanity’s Public Library

You don’t get a clearer manifesto than that, I guess.  Outernet is a planned system of satellite broadcasts of content, from books and news to audio & video, which will be received by purpose built kit (or DIY Raspberry Pi units) and then distributed via wi-fi access points.

Their website is here: https://www.outernet.is/en/

and the best line I read on it was

Outernet will eradicate information poverty and censorship

Which is as close to the spirit of the stuff I’ve been posting here as you can get, I think.

At this point, more or less the only way to tap into the output is with a DIY receiver, which can be built using a Raspberry Pi, a 60cm dish, an LNB and an irritatingly expensive USB Satellite TV receiver.  On the face of it, it looks like they’re broadcasting using a TV channel through two satellites, currently only covering North America an Europe (East and West).

However, the plan on Indiegogo (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lantern-one-device-free-data-from-space-forever) is to produce mini solar powered receivers which have built in Wi-Fi Access Points, and eventually to supplement these with a larger unit called Pillar

It does sound ambitious, with their indiegogo project suggesting that with $10m they can effectively launch their own network of satellites broadcasting the Outernet feed.  Best of luck to them though, I think 🙂

The Outernet website includes the entire archive as it stands which is to be broadcast, lists of the content included, and a suggestion box for content to be added.

They can also be found on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OuternetForAll

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-sD3af_6AqJnGgvUAIfUHA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/outernetforall

and Google+: https://plus.google.com/+OuternetIs/posts

I believe this is a project worth following, and I do hope it goes the distance, the Indiegogo project has at least met its $200,000 target.