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If This, Then That

Oh, the irony.

suggested to me by my sister, this post may well have come to your darling eyeballs by way of facebook, and if it did, then it’s almost certainly http://ifttt.com/ wot did it.

Using “recipes”, IFTTT basically polls various Channels, (which in this case, includes this privately hosted WordPress Blog), and if it finds something new, it performs an action, again, in this case, posting for myself on Facebook.

Given my views on decentralisation, if i was principled enough, i’d kill my FB account, but for now, there’s not enough accurate personal information on there for Mr Zuckerberg to monetise me that much, so i’ll leave it for now.  IFTTT may end up making it easier to make the leap though.

it’s worth noting that while this particular recipe is pretty simple, “If new post on WordPress Blog, post on Facebook”, but there are GPS channels available, and recipes have come to my attention regarding turning on/off ringtones when going to church, or copying new iphone photos to one’s Evernote account, so the Channels are worth investigating a little as it’s not just social media that can be drive by IFTTT.  about the only thing that slightly disturbs me about the whole thing is that you do have to give IFTTT your passwords for stuff.  which may or may not be a risk in the very long term, but if the profile of IFTTT is anything to go by, that would be catastrophic for them.

If you take this recipe as an example, you can pretty much just make your WordPress post, and then let IFTTT post it to Twitter, Facebook, and then every other Social networking system you’re tied to.  And then, to wrap it up, take a photo on Instacrapgram and then have it reloaded to evernote, dropbox, flickr, tumblr, Google Drive and onedrive automagically.

so, If This, Then That.