The Walled City

So, Social Networking is becoming a little dry.  Lean on the old “interest” level.  So I thought, rather than the emptiness of Facebook, I’d try and express myself properly.

“Thinking about the Future”

These days I’m more interested in futurist ideas.  I suppose this stems from an overwhelming feeling that in general, things may be coming to a head.  I don’t intend this to be a blog espousing Political views, although I may be tempted to post linkages to some of the organisations I feel are trying to get one to think a little more about the packaged TV/News zeitgeist which we’re perpetually confronted with on a daily basis.

I’m also rather interested in the paths of Ubiquitous Computing, and from practical level.  I’m constantly amazed by the amount of time we feel the need to spend connected in some way, electronically and socially, and I might explore some of those ideas or things that spring to mind as I go.  don’t expect much of this to hang together or make any sort of overall sense.

This will be my “non-fiction” site, to go in partnership with my Speculative Fiction Blog at

As for the name?  I was interested in Kowloon’s Walled city from a purely anthropological point of view, and it’s also a web/social hackerspace mentioned in William Gibson’s “Idoru”, a Cyberpunk novel.  Cyberpunk, and Anthropology may also crop up now and again.

enjoy 😛

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