Kicking things off.

OK, time to christen the damn thing.

This isn’t going to be a general tech blog looking at anything, no.  I’m not interested in all the tech out there, Google Glass doesn’t interest me, except for the social problems it highlights regarding things like privacy and so on.

At the moment I’ve got an interest in ubiquitous computing, smart cities, privacy and decentralisation.  so that’s probably what I’ll concentrate on.

I may also end up trying to jam some of my fiction on a sister blog which I’ll fire up when the time’s right, or when I’ve got nothing better to do.

When I get a chance I’ll almost certainly post links to some of the more interesting stuff that I notice on the web, and I’ll try not to make it the same stuff as you see everywhere else.

Be warned, a lot of my prose will be rambling and incoherent in nature, and tangentalise at the drop of a furry kitten.

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